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Last few hours…

Marta making finishing touches

It’s been a busy few days for the group, setting up the exhibition at the Red Gallery. A missing case of vital equipment caused an agonising delay but things are back on track for opening night. It’s great to see all the artwork united at last! More photos to come soon…


Team photos

Here’s us at our first meeting after winning an Urban Dialogues award (looking very cheery and relieved!)

And us meeting in October, after the 3 rounds of cyclic collaboration… and starting to figure out how to bring it all together

Moving on to the next (new!) stage

OK, so last sunday was the day we all finished the 3rd stage of our cyclical collaboration….No more working from the comfort of our homes….Now the summer is over, the time has come to go out, meet up again, and walk our first steps into uncharted territory…. The plan is now to find a way of displaying the work we’ve done during these last two months, in a way that is cohesive, enticing, inspiring…. It’s time to find the natural flow of Spirituality in Motion….


Photo on 25-08-2012 at 17.59

Photo on 25-08-2012 at 17.59

3.. 2.. 1.. and the Cyclical Collaboration can start

We reunited today to discuss the details of the Cyclical Collaboration which will start from now on.

We agreed to keep the approach to our work as unrestricted as possible and using any desired medium and method to express our interpretation and connection to the work that has been passed to us. In this way we believe to be able to achieve a more exciting and unexpected creative outcome. Each of us will be writing a statement to each work we did so that at the final gathering we can explain our approach to the projects when bringing together all three completed works and creating the final piece for the exhibition.

However, during collaboration we will keep the work process private in a diary and not share it with each other, so not to effect the intuitive and individual interpretation of the pieces that have been passed to our project partners.

We set the following dates to accomplish the project before the final exhibition.

8th of August each of us will have completed the first stage and passed the work to the next partner in the Cyclical Collaboration method. As we have worked it out, I will pass my work to Marta, Marta to Miki and Miki to myself.

1st of September we follow up with the second stage and pass our project that by now has been shaped by two participants to the third and final contributor.

By beginning of October we will have completed the third stage and will be ready to gather to discuss our work and experience, reveal the first and second stages during the work process to each other, explain our approach and create with all three works a final piece for the exhibition. Further, we will look into how to exhibit the various stages of our work in progress that will accompany the final piece during the exhibition.

3.. 2.. 1.. the Cyclical Collaboration can start.. and updates to continue soon.

Awards reception at Wallspace

artists in conversation at the first networking event

Artists in Coversation at the 1st Urban Dialogues Networking event

Sedi and myself attended the awards reception at Wallspace, in the All Hallows on the Wall Church in the heart of the City of London.  It was an intimate event in a lovely little church, where we met with the organisers, some of the sponsors for the projects, and the other selected artists. We got to hear about the other two selected projects, which are truly fascinating! One will involve a tapestry expressing all the colour and variety of diversity, and the other is an exploration of make up in religious ritual. And then us!

Hadiya, who has been coordinating the Urban Dialogues programme since its beginning,  made a little speech to let us know that she is moving on to become a secondary school teacher (Lucky students!!!) and we shared some really really delicious nosh!

It was great to chat with everybody involved, and it only got us more excited about getting down to it. The Spirituality in Motion team will be meeting next week to engage in this new phase of the project. We will keep you posted!!

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Spirituality In Motion is a GO!! 


This email entered our inboxes on June the 28th:

Dear Marta, Miki and Sedi

We are pleased to announce that “Spirituality in Motion” have been selected as one of the three winning collaborations of Urban Dialogues 2012. All  judges taking part found the decision process very difficult as applications were of a high standard and very original. We congratulate you on being one of the winning collaborations for Urban Dialogues 2012.

To celebrate, there will be a small private awards reception at Wallspace, All Hallows on the Wall, 83 London Wall,  London EC2M 5ND from 5:30 -7:30 on Thursday 5th July, where you will have the opportunity to meet all the artists in the winning groups as well as the Urban Dialogues partners. During the event, you will be informed of the next stages of the programme and any questions you have will be discussed and answered. Lastly, we will of  course be serving  food and drinks so please inform us of your dietary requirements.

On behalf of all the judges and UD partners 3FF would like to congratulate you once again and we look forward to meeting you at the reception.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

My best wishes,

Hadiya Masieh
Events Manager | Urban Dialogues and Women ARTogether