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Spirituality in Motion

November 24, 2012

Some of the work created for Spirituality in Motion, with our commentary beneath.

An instruction manual for the main ritualistic movement associated with Catholic instruction. It can be used to express devotion, but also utter shock, disbelief, desperation and many other extreme emotions.

I was taken with the clever juxtaposition of iconography and DIY in Marta’s piece. It reminded me how religious practice can sometimes feel formulaic, as if to suggest that simply going through the motions is sufficient to attain spiritual heights. The sequence of fingertip touches brought to mind the Jewish tradition of kissing the mezuzah. I sought a visual language that would parallel Marta’s piece – something from the present day to reflect on an ancient rite. At the time of creating this image, London was enraptured by the Paralympics. While I was delving into the minutia of ritual motions, everyone around me was witnessing human physicality at its limits. So I wondered what it might look like to re-imagine a sacred practice as an athletic, competitive one.

I ended my final piece and third stage of this collaboration with a very personal image that reflects lifetime challenges in one’s profession with a spiritual connection, which I could interpret in Miki’s work.

Responses to the work!


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