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In case you are still wondering what Spirituality in Motion is all about…

November 22, 2012

…here’s our project introduction:

Our collaboration explores ways in which spirituality is expressed or experienced through physical movement. We are three artists from three different faith backgrounds (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) who had never worked together prior to this project. In our initial discussions we were intrigued by the similarity of movement rituals among our different belief systems. We were also interested in looking beyond activities of religious origin, to note the connections with everyday human habits. To facilitate the collaboration and draw out these parallels, we devised a process we call “Cyclical Collaboration” which works as follows. Each of us creates an artwork based on a movement that has a spiritual value for us, possibly drawing on our religious background. The work is passed on to the next project member, who responds with a new or adapted piece that adds in their own layer of understanding and interpretation. This process is repeated again, so each of us has either created or transformed all three original pieces.

The purpose of our piece is to shine the spotlight on these rituals, to see how these movements help us establish a spiritual connection within us, beyond us and with others. Our work is an invitation for self-reflection: What ritual movements do we engage with? In what ways are they spiritual to us? Looking outwards, in what way are these ritual motions similar to those of other religions or our everyday habits? What parallels can we draw between them?


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